Wednesday, June 27, 2007

1997: Love A Doorframe

so from portraits of past to the audience to vue.

the audience included a few p.o.p. members and dropped the chaotic for the gothic. very close to something like the first christian death record.

short lived. they also put out a 7" called "young soul" on gsl that was lated added as the last two tracks of the vue "death of a girl" cdep on gsl.

The Audience "Das Audience" 1997

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

1997: The Question Is Moot

on a revisit, this record is pretty great. driving DCish rock from atlanta. i have to say that while the 7"s that came prior to this were fast favorites, this lp blew them out of the water. sadly they went on to do a few 7"s and a second lp that were pretty boring and lacking in overall intensity.

i saw them on several occasions while living in atlanta around this time and it was always a good time, well, until the weird british accent came into the singing.

The Hal al Shedad "The Hal al Shedad" 1997

Monday, June 25, 2007

1993-97: Don't Tell The Children

where to even begin.

cleveland power violence. one of the few bands outside of california to play power violence in a very vicious and punishing way.

actually, maybe a better description would be "holy terror power violence".

either way, this collects all of their output from the 90s.

mediafire isn't working for me right now. so you all get sendspace for my first post.

Apartment 213 "Discography 1993-1997" 2006